Flying friends

I feel like it is a privlage to be able to take an aircraft and friends up flying over Scotland. This gives me an incentive to film it. Not just for their benefit, but for me, its the ability to review my flying. Much like a black box. However it must be stated that these flights are done with safety as a primary concern.

This video below shows two flights with passengers. The first flight’s routing was from Dundee through the leuchars military airspace, coasting out towards North Berwick, entering the Edinburgh Zone, over the airfield, over the bridges, and then we land at Fife airport to change around passengers.

We then flew back to Dundee doing a couple of steep turns for a laugh on the way back, before going back through the Leuchars MATZ. The next flight was using multiple GoPros, and the flight was similar but in reverse. Hope you enjoy the new camera angles, the visuals and the music 🙂


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