A flight around Edinburgh

So this was filmed about a month ago in early December. It was a refresher for me, and i wanted to cover as many things as possible, NAV, controlled airspace communications, doing something i hadn’t done before and fly over the city of Edinburgh itself. Then into uncontrolled airfield comms with a touch and go, then back through a MATZ to a glide approach back into Dundee. 

The Key thing with this flight was the weather and specifically the sun, it was a clear winter sky, and a low sun, which made for some visibility challenges, but it also made for some great footage. I hope you enjoy…

The Edinburgh controllers were fantastic and kept me very up to date with what was going on around me, and gave me plenty of time to prepare for orbits and transits. For anyone transiting the EDI’s Class D, the controllers are fantastic. You just have to keep a good mental picture of what is around you and listen out for your callsign, as the frequency can get a bit busy.

The landing back into EGPN Dundee was amazing as well as it was right on the night time 30 min time, runway lights on and looking fantastic on base and final. See what you think


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