Flying My First Passenger

Today I flew my first passenger, my girlfriend, Anna. She is a pretty nervous flyer, and it was on a day when it was a close call on wether or not to fly. The wind was 220/15 on runway 27 so it was quite close, however other pilots reported that the wind was fairly constant and was just a good day to try some crosswind technique. At the beginning of the flight after a quick brief etc, we did two circuits just to get a measure of what the wind was like on a long runway at Dundee before heading to Perth airfield which is quite a bit shorter and uncontrolled. The first landing was a bit rough, however the approach was stable, even with quite a fair bit of crosswind angel flying down the approach itself. Probably somewhere in the region of 15º-20º off the centreline. However the next one was much better landing, and I felt confident in the conditions. So we flew to Perth, where we are both from, and where both our parents are.

The flight to Perth was uneventful, flew along the tay at 2000ft and made out initial calls to Perth. As we came over Perth, we climbed up to a ‘land clear altitude’, and did a wing wave, then a turn over Anna’s house, this – as seen in the video below – was quite an event for Anna. Especially not being the best of flyers, however she handled the 40-45º turn very well, and was smiling throughout…Just!

After the sightseeing around Perth and flying over her house we made for the airport EGPT. Joined downwind for runway 21 and landed. By this time her mum had come to meet us at the airfield for a cup of tea, while I paid the landing fees. After just 30 minutes on terra firma, we back up in the air and were making our way back to Dundee, this time with a pretty stiff tailwind.

The circuit was quite busy when i fist joined the frequency, however by the time, we joined the circuit it had calmed down. The descent, approach and landing were spot on – in my opinion. a good “1-2-3” crossing landing. One main wheel down, then the other then the nose wheel. a good 1:20 of flying time. Not a bad way to start a weekend.

All in all a pretty amazing day!

Make sure you put the video below to 1080p, and apologies for the music choice 😉


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